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SurfaceScience® is the newest member of the GardGroup family of Companies. Established in 2007, our mandate is to preserve & protect® today’s various surfaces from the harsh environment in which we live. We believe that our quality surface protection products show in the ease of application, longevity and their durability. SurfaceScience® offers products for paint protection, leather protection from wear and fabric protection from stains. 

We also offer environmentally friendly BioBrand® products that are designed to respect our planet and its resources. Our AquaGardGT Glass Treatment bonds firmly with the glass to repel rainwater, ice and grime through an invisible ultra-thin coating as hard as glass. SurfaceScience® also offers products to help protect your surfaces right from the very beginning like our graffiti remover - Graffiti-Be-Gone.

SurfaceScience®... making it easier faster better

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SurfaceScience®... making it easier faster better

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