The OneMop® Patented Mop System

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About The OneMop® Patented Mop System

About OneMop®

The OneMop® micro-fibre mop pads and the OneWipe® micro-fibre cloths are developed from a patented design that produce voluminous, dimensionally stable, highly absorbent, micro-fibres. This patented design was developed to create disposable yet reusable cloths and mops in relation to the weight of the product. The result is that OneMop® and OneWipe® have the same performance as heavier products, but at a significantly lower price.

Created in Sweden where the reduction of our environmental "water" footprint is of on-going concern, OneMop® micro-fibre refill pads and the OneWipe® micro-fibre cloths are designed to effectively reduce water consumption by up to 99% without compromising hygiene. They are as durable as a regular micro-fibre mop, and are clinically tested to outperform regular mops - but for the price of a disposable product. This system opens up new opportunities for efficiency, improved cleaning performance and environmental compatibility.

The OneMop® and the OneWipe® work just like other mops which are 10-15 times heavier with a germ reducing effect of up to 99.9%. This highly absorbent, relatively thick pile of micro-fibres swallow floor structures penetrating the microscopic pores in the surface to attract, lift and trap dirt and other particles while leaving your surface drier.

OneMop® Handle

OneMop® Mop Handle

The OneMop® Handle is a light-weight, ergonomic mop pole that attaches directly to the OneMop® base. Featuring a powder coated grip and a telescopic handle.

OneMop® Bases

OneMop Bases from SurfaceScience

Available in 3 different size and attaches directly to the OneMop® handle - no need for additional attachments or parts making it perfect for any sized job, area or task. 

OneMop® Refill Pads

OneMop refill pads

OneMop® Refill pads are available in three different sizes attaching directly to the velcro base of the OneMop® and is comprised of highly absorbent micro-fibres.

OneWipe® Micro-Fibre Cloth

OneWipe from SurfaceScience

OneWipe® by OneMop® is lint-free and features an extremely high dirt holding capacity and functions as a normal micro-fibre cloth but for the cost of a disposable!

How Switching to The OneMop® Patented Mop System Will Lower Your Labour & Maintenance Costs

By utilizing the OneMop® correctly, you will see a reduction of chemical costs associated with mopping tasks. You will save on time associated with ordering, receiving and distributing these chemicals for regular cleaning staff. Don't forget, micro-fibre mops are faster and easier for your employees to use - with them weighing significantly less than a wet string mop it is easier to move across the floor, resulting in less muscle soreness and pain felt by the end user and improved speed of the actual mopping process! The end user is no longer required to dump out several gallons of water and cleaning solution out of a bucket, this could increase labour productivity by 20% with the elimination of these frequent trips to the supply cabinet/closet. You can help reduce your custodial staff injuries! Coupled with injuries from the repeated motions of mopping and wringing out the conventional wet mop, a full bucket of cleaning solution can weigh up to 30 pounds or more and has to be lifted an average of 7x/day! You can reduce operator fatigue with even just eliminating the effort required for wringing out a conventional wet loop mop! The OneMop® leaves less water residue on the floor, which reduces the possibility of slip & fall claims and/or injuries by staff or patients. You will be helping mother nature by reducing water consumption by up to 99% resulting in a decrease of your overall chemical waste into water treatment plants. Previously an estimated 21 gallons of water were used per staff member during their shift in a healthcare facility - now they have reported that on average there is 1 gallon of water used per member during their shift. Save on transportation, storage and all costs associated with soaking and preparation tasks to supply your staff with mops for ready-to-use. Conventional mops typically withstand only 50 washings, making replacement costs burdensome, by switching to disposables - you save while you clean!  UCDMC reported a whopping 60% lifetime cost savings on mops alone just from converting from a wet loop mop to a micro-fibre mop!


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