Foil Packs

Private Labeling foil packs from SurfaceScience

SurfaceScience® now offers select products in a form of prepackaged foil packs. The applications for these moist wipes is endless with being able to fully customize our product into pre-measured disposable wipes.

Private Labelling

You can rest assured knowing that you are offering a unique state-of-the-art product to your customers from SurfaceScience®. Allow us to help you establish your image with our in-house marketing services and custom product packaging design options. 

Established in 2007, our mandate is to preserve & protect® today’s various surfaces from the harsh environment in which we live. We believe that our quality surface protection products show in the ease of application, longevity and their durability. SurfaceScience® offers products for paint protection, leather protection from wear and fabric protection from stains. 

We also offer environmentally friendly BioBrand® products that are designed to respect our planet and its resourcesOur AquaGardGT Glass Treatment bonds firmly with the glass to repel rainwater, ice and grime through an invisible ultra-thin coating as hard as glass. SurfaceScience® also offers products to help protect your surfaces right from the very beginning like our graffiti remover - Graffiti-Be-Gone.

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SurfaceScience®... making it easier faster better

Custom Product Design & Private Labelling

Custom Product Design

  • Custom product development:  blending and packaging (individual product or entire line of products).
  • Custom chemical solutions packages for Dealer giveaways and Retail Sales.
  • On-site product analysis.
  • Ensured product consistency with C.O.C. (Certificate of Conformity).
  • Flexibility with minimum quantity as low as 50 pieces.


Marketing Services

  • Private label and brand imaging capability for individual products and packages.
  • Custom point of sale creation.
  • Custom sales training.
  • Individual product branding and packaging.

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SurfaceScience®... making it easier faster better

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