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Barn Interiors

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Metal Rooftops

SurfaceScience® Agricultural Farm Equipment, Machinery & Tractor Restoration

SurfaceScience® offers numerous products that can assist with rejuvenating the paint on your farm equipment and farm machinery to “like-new” appearance without painting or polishing. OneCoat™ Exterior is perfect for tractor restoration to renew the vibrancy of the tractor paint to increase the re-sale value.

The OneCoat™ Application System consists of 4 distinct anti-corrosive barrier coatings is not only perfect for your livestock trailers it can also be used on trailer interiors to reduce the time, effort, and resources needed to keep your horse trailers clean. Not only do we offer coatings that restore and protect paint against further deterioration, our coatings have excellent color retention, reduces the accumulation of dirt and waste build-up, protects surfaces so that they can be easily cleaned with water and wipe-off technologies and they have significant outdoor weathering capabilities.


Rejuvenate Your Metal Roofs, Farm Buildings & Barn Interior

SurfaceScience® offer metal roof coatings that restore and extend the life-span of new and aging metal roofs safely and cost effectively. Get superior durability and performance while you protect and extend the life of your buildings. Our coatings have been known to rejuvenate, refinish, revitalize, renew and restore old, dull, chalky, weathered, faded paint on metal rooftops, steel roofing and vinyl siding. 

SurfaceScience® surface coatings and cleaners are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting your outbuildings, sheds, barns and animal pens and they are chemical-resistant to urine, animal waste, harsh disinfectants and pest control substances. We provide coatings that can work as a waterproofing agents while providing outstanding scratch and stain resistance properties. These features are vital in extending the lifespan of the concrete floors, animal pens and feed troughs on your farm by providing coatings for all surfaces that are significantly easier to keep clean by the reduction of dirt and waste build-up.

Why Re-Coat a Metal Roof?

Re-coating saves time, energy, money, disposal, disruption, and extends roof life. Mark Robins, Senior Editor of Metal Construction News Explains. << Click here to read Mark's article online >>

Interior Cleaners & Problem Solvers

Black Mark Remover

SurfaceScience Black Mark Remover

This eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable Black Mark Remover will not only eliminate shoe scuffs, heel marks, marine bumper smudges and tire streaks with ease, it is also perfect for removing the most stubborn adhesives and glues from all types of surfaces.

Interior Coatings & Surface Protection

OneCoat™ Interior

SurfaceScience_Interior Koting Pic

OneCoat™ Interior is perfect for concrete walls and floors. This high-performance coating acts as a barrier to refinish surfaces and will help reduce the buildup of dirt & waste.

OneCoat™ Floor

SurfaceScience Floor Koting for Agriculture Industry

OneCoat™ Floor is a high-tech coating for linoleum, plastic & rubber flooring. It creates a high-gloss floor finish - ideal for restoring finishes on floor surfaces.

OneCoat™ Wall

SurfaceScience Tile Coating for barn interior

OneCoat™ Wall is a water based protective coating. It was developed to seal wall tiles, act as a tile sealer and grout sealant and reduce moisture penetration.

Mirror, Glass & Window Treatments/Cleaners

AquaGardGT Glass Treatment

SurfaceScience AquaGardGT Glass Treatment

SurfaceScience® AquaGardGT Glass Treatment offers excellent protection from the environment. It repels dust, dirt & waste and reduces film on glass surfaces, thus making all glass surfaces easier to clean.

Exterior Cleaners & Problem Solvers

BioBrand Alkawash Blue

BioBrand AlkaWash by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Alkawash Blue is an eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser perfect for cleaning deep down stains in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.

Exterior Coatings & Surface Protection

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Biodegradable Soap is an eco-friendly biodegradable cleaner used in the residential, automotive,  industrial, commercial, agricultural and farming industries.

Superwash Green & Superwash Yellow

SurfaceScience Superwash Green & Superwash Yellow - agriculture cleaner

SurfaceScience® Superwash Yellow & Superwash Green are used for cleaning cars, trucks, buses, trains, heavy equipment and agricultural equipment. Both can also be used as degreasers or equipment cleaners.

OneCoat™ Exterior

SurfaceScience Equipment Refurbishing & Restoration

 OneCoat™ Exterior  is a high performance single component painted surface coating that is  resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion & chemical agents.

OneCoat™ For Structures

SurfaceScience Exterior Kote for buildings

OneCoat™ Exterior is an surface coating that will renew and restore the colour of metal/steel roof tops. This coating reconditions the finish on worn painted metal surfaces making the exterior of your buildings look "like-new".

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