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Nautical Vessels

Boats & Pleasure Crafts - Jet Ski's

Bilges & Ballast Tanks

Boat Hulls & Cargo Tanks

Powerboats, Sailboats, Speedboats & Fishing Boats

OneCoat™ Exterior - Surface Repair

Newer marine craft or gel coat surfaces have smaller pores in their finish because they have no UV breakdown, however, as the craft gets older these pores get deeper and wider. When they become too large the surface breaks down, the shine disappears and a long term fix is required to bring back the finish you desire. Our Revolutionary OneCoat™ coatings are a proven winner in surface regeneration with our exclusive low cost and low labour processes.

Watercraft, Boat Cleaning Supplies & Marine Protective Coatings

SurfaceScience® offers a multitude of water-based, Eco-Friendly boat cleaning supplies for your convenience including a environmentally friendly certified biodegradable cleaner. These easy to apply, quick drying boat maintenance supplies and cleaning supplies utilize a unique “state-of-the-art” technology from SurfaceScience®. Offering a eco-friendly safe product line that will remove pink, green and brown mold from the exterior of your watercraft and not damage the environment or pollute the water. 

Have water bead off your windshield so you can see better at high speeds. BioBrand®’s AquaGardHT works on plastic windshields and AquaGardGT Glass Treatment works on glass windshields due to it’s water-based properties.

Long-Lasting Exterior Marine Protective Coating – PPS Patented Paint Protection System

You can avoid the dull and chalky surface you so often see on many watercraft by applying the PPS Patented Paint Protection System as soon as possible. You could polish and wax to restore the surface’s luster & finish, but that’s a temporary solution at best; waxes break down easily in the sunlight and detergents leave the surface exposed to the elements. In fact waxes can actually absorb harmful chemicals and trap them in the finished surfaces!

PPS Patented Paint Protection System is the only product that fuses a durable PTFE shield to the original factory finish. More than an add-on coating, it actually adds strength to the finished surface to seal out pollutants and provide a lasting protective coating.

Interior Marine Craft Care Products

Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover

Glue Gum and Black Mark remover

Spot Removers are used for removing the most stubborn adhesives, glues, gum & black marks from all types of surfaces. It is perfect for use in the home, vehicle, garage, workshop & the workplace.

BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

SurfaceScience BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

BioBrand® Enzyme Odour Remover is an efficient odor neutralizer with an easy spray and walk away application process. All natural, you can trust this water based formulation to be effective.

BioBrand Gunit

SurfaceScience BioBrand Gunit

BioBrand® Gunit is an effective soft & hard surface & fabric cleaner. It can be used for commercial, industrial, automotive & residential use.

Leather & Vinyl Protect

SurfaceScience®’s leather care products and vinyl protectant can be used in your house on leather furniture and sofa’s and in your car for your leather seats.

Exterior Marine Craft Care Products

BioBrand AquaGardHT

AquaGardHT Interior Glass Treatment

BioBrand® AquaGardHT is a rain repellent for your outside windows and water repellent for glass shower doors, mirrors and works as a great interior industrial protective coating for windows.

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Biodegradable Soap is an eco-friendly biodegradable cleaner used in the residential, automotive,  industrial, commercial, agricultural and farming industries.

BioBrand Green Away

BioBrand Green Away by Surface Science

BioBrand® Green Away is an effective and easy to apply water based surface cleaner. BioBrand® Green Away mold remover can be sprayed on most outside and inside surfaces.

AquaGardGT Glass Treatment

SurfaceScience® AquaGardGT Glass Treatment is a self cleaning glass & windshield treatment. This rain repellant glass coating offers excellent windshield protection from the environment.

Canvas Cleaner

SurfaceScience Canvas Cleaner

SurfaceScience® Canvas Cleaner is available in three formulations to remove black, green and pink moulds. This water based, zero odour cleaner is enviro friendly and easy to use.

OneCoat™ Exterior

 OneCoat™ Exterior  is a high performance single component painted surface coating that is  resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion & chemical agents.


SurfaceScience Drywash

SurfaceScience® Drywash waterless car wash is a revolutionary car care product perfect for automotive detailing and is an excellent addition to your regular car maintenance.

Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover

Glue Gum and Black Mark remover

Spot Removers are used for removing the most stubborn adhesives, glues, gum & black marks from all types of surfaces. It is perfect for use in the home, vehicle, garage, workshop & the workplace.

BioBrand Canvas Protect

BioBrand Canvas Protect by BioBrand

BioBrand® Canvas Protect is an organic highly concentrated waterproofing fabric protector. It can effectively waterproof canvas found in camper roof tops, car tops, , marine canvas, awnings and tents.

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Mother Earth Friendly

In this day and age it is important not to ignore Mother Earth. Most people do not think of what they are using to clean and if it is creating a potential for disaster. So many other cleaners for household use, indoors and out, car cleaners, and even marine craft care products (such as cleaners and waxes) are developed with materials that are not biodegradable. When these non-biodegradable materials are slipping down the drain, so are the pollutants that are not always cleaned in today's overworked processing facilities. Soaps and detergents are made to clean and not all cleaners are eco-friendly. This is especially important with cleaning any type of marine craft. Other cleaners, waxes and polishes can kill fish, birds and other marine life.

While there are several environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market most of them are not specially formulated for marine use. To preserve Mother Earth, SurfaceScience® uses a proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology to create an eco-friendly safe BioBrand® ECO Surface Product that will suit all types of applications and will not damage the environment or pollute the water. Look at our BioBrand® product lineup here >>.

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