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Transit Exterior Coatings, Bus Cleaning Supplies and Materials

SurfaceScience® offers a multitude of transit cleaning materials, transit exterior coatings and bus cleaning supplies for your convenience to assist in lowering your maintenance costs.

These train maintenance cost reduction products utilize a proprietary unique “state-of-the-art” technology from SurfaceScience® for added protection to new and old surfaces required for the transit traffic we see today.

Our transit exterior coatings and transit exterior refurbish coatings reduce the buildup of carbon deposits, dirt and waste, while increasing the surface durability and makes maintenance fast and easy. Our exterior and Interior Graffiti resistant koting work and renew the bleached colours from the strong acid washes so commonly used. The high cost of maintenance will be reduced with far less manpower and chemical use. The results of treating the surface with SurfaceScience® products are long lasting and financially rewarding resulting in your train maintenance cost reduction.

Interior Products

BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

SurfaceScience BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

BioBrand® Enzyme Odour Remover is an efficient odor neutralizer with an easy spray and walk away application process. All natural, you can trust this water based formulation to be effective.

BioBrand Gunit

SurfaceScience BioBrand Gunit

BioBrand® Gunit is an effective soft & hard surface & fabric cleaner. It can be used for commercial, industrial, automotive & residential use.

Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover

Glue Gum and Black Mark remover

Spot Removers are used for removing the most stubborn adhesives, glues, gum & black marks from all types of surfaces. It is perfect for use in the home, vehicle, garage, workshop & the workplace.

Stain Remover

SurfaceScience Stain Remover

SurfaceScience® Stain Eliminator will make accidents a distant memory and clean ups a breeze. No spill or spot is safe from this product.

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Biodegradable Soap is an eco-friendly biodegradable cleaner used in the residential, automotive,  industrial, commercial, agricultural and farming industries.

OneCoat™ Interior

SurfaceScience_Interior Koting Pic

OneCoat™ Interior is a high performance coating that can be used on most plastic surfaces. It is a durable, UV stable product with high resistance properties.


SurfaceScience Graffit-Be-Gone

SurfaceScience® has a simple, fast & easy Graffiti Remover
and Spray Paint Remover. Erase the Graffiti in your life
with Graffiti-Be-Gone.

Exterior Products

OneCoat™ Exterior

 OneCoat™ Exterior  is a high performance single component painted surface coating that is  resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion & chemical agents.

AquaGardGT Glass Treatment

SurfaceScience® AquaGardGT Glass Treatment is a self cleaning glass & windshield treatment. This rain repellant glass coating offers excellent windshield protection from the environment.

TBS 3 Surface Sealant

SurfaceScience®’s TBS3 Large Surface Sealant is proven to reduce and eliminate surface damage and is a great exterior surface sealant for larger surfaces.

Superwash Green & Superwash Yellow

SurfaceScience Superwash Green & Superwash Yellow - agriculture cleaner

SurfaceScience® Superwash Yellow & Superwash Green are used for cleaning cars, trucks, buses, trains, heavy equipment and agricultural equipment. Both can also be used as degreasers or equipment cleaners.

Wash Oxal, Oxal Gel & Wash Neutral

SurfaceScience Train Oxal Wash Gel wash neutral

Wash Oxal, Wash Oxal Gel & Wash Neutral are cleaning solutions for railcars, locomotives & buses. They are heavy duty cleaners and help keep the surface clean & shiny after washing!

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Biodegradable Soap is an eco-friendly biodegradable cleaner for residential, industrial and commercial cleaning supplies.

Canvas Cleaner

SurfaceScience Canvas Cleaner

SurfaceScience® Canvas Cleaner is available in three formulations to remove black, green and pink moulds. This water based, zero odour cleaner is enviro friendly and easy to use.


SurfaceScience Graffit-Be-Gone

SurfaceScience® has a Simple, Fast & Easy graffiti remover and spray paint remover. Erase the Graffiti in your life with Graffiti-Be-Gone.

BioBrand Alkawash Blue

BioBrand AlkaWash by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Alkawash Blue is an eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser perfect for cleaning deep down stains in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.

BioBrand Canvas Protect

BioBrand Canvas Protect by BioBrand

BioBrand® Canvas Protect is an organic highly concentrated waterproofing fabric protector. It can effectively waterproof canvas found in camper roof tops, car tops, , marine canvas, awnings and tents.

Floor Koting

OneCoat™ Floor is a high-tech coating for linoleum, plastic & rubber flooring. It creates a high-gloss floor finish - ideal for restoring finishes on floor surfaces.

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