BioBrand® Canvas Protect – Canvas Waterproofing, Water Repellent & Fabric Protector


This highly concentrated formula and organic, water based coating penetrates the fibers and adds an extremely high level of hydrophobicity and stain resistance for long periods of time. Its additional benefits are its resistance to mildew and mold. With no odour or chemicals this product is the perfect treatment for all sleeping and play areas.


Waterproofing Your Canvas with BioBrand® Canvas Protect 

Mother Nature can be very forceful at times and during these moments we see how powerful nature is. By waterproofing your canvas with BioBrand® Canvas Protect you can prevent the penetration of water into your item – whether it be a boat cover, awning or your tent. This canvas and fabric protector when used in addition to your camping supplies can ensure a dry & clean time. Enjoy nature with an environmentally friendly canvas protector. Protect your canvas not just from water but from other substances that can cause damage to your item – like bird droppings.

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BioBrand® Stop is a multi-purpose long-lasting household cleaner, car interior cleaner & marine cleaning supplies, leaving an antimicrobial coating to stop the growth of future bacteria & germs.

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BioBrand® Canvas Protect - Providing Superior Waterproofing:

Boats • Canvases • Awnings • Outdoor Furniture Fabric • Campers • Tents • RV Supplies



BioBrand® Canvas Protect Details

  • BioBrand® Canvas Protect is from an all-Canadian company with products that are changing the way we live. 
  • BioBrand® Canvas Protect is an organic waterproofer fluid that is designed for use on canvas in the outdoors. 
  • The fibers are encapsulated by the treatment leaving a breathable layer of organic crystalline. 
  • Provide excellent hydrophobicity, Oleo phobic and stain resistant properties on treated areas. 
  • Provides great UV protection in addition to resisting mold and mildew in damp environments. 
  • This product is best applied by low pressure spray using a HVLP applicator, to prevent loss in atmosphere. Low pressure hand pump sprayers are also used provided the spray is in a flat fan configuration. 
  • There are no VOC's in this product and is extremely user friendly. 
  • The canvas should be clean, dry and all contaminants must be removed prior to treatment. 
  • This water based formula can be over coated once the initial application has dried. 
  • BioBrand® Canvas Protect works well as a fabric protector for outdoor furniture that works as a fabric waterproofing agent. 
  • Available in a variety of sizes and found on Camping supplies and RV supplies shelves. 
  • Private label program is available for distributors.

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Mother Earth Friendly

In this day and age it is important not to ignore Mother Earth. Most people do not think of what they are using to clean and if it is creating a potential for disaster. So many other cleaners for household use, indoors and out, car cleaners even marine craft care products (such as cleaners and waxes) are developed with materials that are not biodegradable. When these non-biodegradable materials are slipping down the drain, so are the pollutants that are not always cleaned in today's overworked processing facilities. Soaps and detergents are made to clean and not all cleaners are eco-friendly. 

While there are several environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market most of them are not specially formulated for marine use. To preserve Mother Earth, SurfaceScience® uses a proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology to create an eco-friendly safe BioBrand® ECO Surface Product that will suit all types of applications and will not damage the environment or pollute the water. Look at our BioBrand® product lineup here >>.

The Science Behind BioBrand®...

BioBrand® is a unique proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology from SurfaceScience®. The science behind our family of proprietary products is an all-encompassing blend of simple safe basic ingredients such as water and Micro Molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world. Revolutionary thinking was fundamental in developing our versatile product line resulting in the protection of new and old surfaces required for longer and improved lifespans.

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