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OneCoat™ Exterior – High Performance Single Component - Painted Surface Coating


OneCoat Exterior Coat's high weather resistance and E2C (Easy 2 Clean) properties result in the reduction of maintenance costs. Our OneCoat Exterior Coat can be used to protect new surface finishes and will restore the gloss to dull and worn surfaces. Prevents corrosion & UV degradation while preventing mold and mildew growth. 

OneCoat Exterior Coat is resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion and chemical agents and can be used to protect new surface finishes and restore the gloss to dull and worn surfaces. This proprietary exterior coating is a great way to refurbish old paint & renew metal painted surfaces like: steel roofing, vinyl siding, equipment and trailers. OneCoat Exterior Coat can also be used to renew and enhance the vibrancy and shine of faded metal rooftops and outdoor buildings. This anti-corrosive barrier coating works well on agriculture equipment and livestock trailers/haulers.

About The OneCoat™ Application System

This unique coating system consists of 4 distinct coatings that are designed to protect exterior painted surfaces, interior wall surfaces and flooring. It requires no priming, sanding or stripping prior to application - only a clean, dry surface. 

Known to add shine & renew colour to most dull & worn surfaces - the OneCoat™ Application System is well established with a proven history in the European market for 8 plus years. Distribution in Europe is through our 3 partner corporations. The OneCoat™ Application System is now available in North America from SurfaceScience®.

Help Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

The world of business is demanding that we as owners become more environmentally conscious and reduce and reuse when and where possible. Using the correct cleaners is a must. Reduce the need to use water and clean your fleet by utilizing our proprietary methods and patented technology in the processes. The high cost of maintenances will be reduced with far less manpower and chemical use. The results of treating the surface with OneCoat™ Coatings are long lasting and financially rewarding resulting in your train maintenance cost reduction. SurfaceScience® utilizes a proprietary unique “state-of-the-art” technology for added protection to new and old surfaces required for the transit traffic we see today.

OneCoat Is All You Need

Companion Products

OneCoat™ Interior is a high performance coating that can be used on most plastic surfaces. It is a durable, UV stable product with high resistance properties.

OneCoat Floor Coating

OneCoat™ Floor is a high-tech coating for linoleum, plastic & rubber flooring. It creates a high-gloss floor finish - ideal for restoring finishes on floor surfaces.

OneCoat™ Wall features superior protection against graffiti and other unwanted stains and marks by providing a long lasting, durable and non-yellowing high-gloss finish.




OneCoat Exterior - Providing Superior Performance on the exterior of:

Trains • Buses • Signage • Cattle Haulers • Horse Trailers • Steel Roofing • Vinyl Siding • Outdoor Buildings • Farm Equipment • Agriculture Equipment • Used Equipment • Outbuildings • Storage Sheds • Animal Pens • Equipment Refurbishing & Restoration • Exterior Siding Restoration & Protection



OneCoat Exterior Details

  • UV resistant painted surface coating that provides long term graffiti protection 
  •  Reduces the buildup of dirt and water, while increasing the surface durability
  •   Ready to use formula with high weather resistance and easy to clean properties
  •   Easy to apply, long lasting non-sacrificial protective coating with medium and high gloss
  •   Recreates the finish on worn painted metal surfaces working as a colour restorer
  •   Rebuilds the colour on faded roof tops and enhances shine
  •   Works as an clear anti-corrosive barrier coating
  •   Non flammable
  •   VOC compliant

Application Process

OneCoat Exterior is part of our proprietary coatings and our OneCoat™ Application System. The surface to be treated must be clean and free from grease, waxes, oil and dirt. Complete instructions and certified training available.

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